4446 E. County 10th St. • Yuma, AZ

Closing for the Season

(928) 726-6000

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The Canteen

Just because Z Fun Factory is an amusement park doesn’t mean they don’t care about their food. Most of the food is made fresh from scratch, with daily specials.

Z Hideaway Bar

There’s nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day. While your kids play you can unwind with your favorite beer, margarita or cocktail.

Buzzard’s Cove Cantina

Feast with the roughest, toughest pirates in town at the Buzzards Cove Cantina. The cantina offers its own distinct menu.


Z Crow Bar

Z Fun Factory is one of few amusement parks with a bar. When you are out with the kids you can enjoy a drink at one of the two bars. Don’t worry about it getting warm, the Z Crow Bar is complete with an icebar that will keep your drinks ice cold.