Yuma natives,​ ​Brice and Becky ​​Zeller are committed to providing a safe family environment for all.

After purchasing the Yuma Fun Factory in 2011, Brice Zeller said “We want to return it to a family entertainment center like it was originally intended. The Yuma Fun Factory had a good start but it forgot it was designed for families. Our intent is to make it a 100 percent family facility.”

Our goal is to provide an affordable venue for families to enjoy. Every year something new will be added to the parks. We re-opened the Yuma Fun Factory as Z Fun Factory on Thanksgiving Day 2011.

In June 2012, We opened Waylon’s Water World, a much awaited water park in Yuma, AZ.

One of the questions we are frequently asked “Is there really a Waylon and Syd”?  Yes! Waylon and Syd are brother and sister and the grandchildren of the Zeller’s.

We invite you to visit our other establishments:

The Mine Shaft – located at 3905 S. 4th Avenue Yuma, AZ
Crazy Earls – at 11274 S. Fortuna Road in the Yuma Foothills.

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